Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of common questions asked before our previous Weekends. If you have any questions not answered on this website, please email BEFORE applications open on 5th June 2018 (we will be busy processing applications on this day and may not be able to answer)

Do I Get A Discount If I Arrive On Friday And Not Thursday ?

No. Due to our agreement with CenterParcs, the weekend has been extended to include Thursday and our prices reflect this.

Will There Be Any Events On The Thursday ?

There will be no Marillion concerts held on the Thursday night but we will be holding a Marillion themed fancy dress party.

All the normal CentreParcs facilities will be open and available.

What Happens If We Have To Cancel Our Booking ?

Please read the Terms and Conditions very carefully to see what refunds you may be entitled to.


We strongly advise you to take out suitable travel insurance that covers you adequately for the Marillion Weekend 2019 booking and any separate independent travel arrangements you may make, including the airport transfer service provided by Res Nova.

How Can My Party Arrange To Share With A Party That Has Already Booked ?

If the booking period is still open, you can enter their Reference number in the I would like to share with party box on your application form (Please ensure you select the I know who I wish to share with button) and contact us with the Primary Contact name and Reference Numbers of all parties concerned.

Please think of a code word I can apply to all the parties concerned as this helps me to link you on the system.

Please note that supplements will still be applicable if your parties do not fill the accommodation to capacity e.g 3 persons in a 4-person cottage, 5 persons in a 6-person cottage.

How Can My Party Arrange To Share With Another Party ?

Please think of a unique code word and make sure you enter this on ALL the application forms for those who wish to share, in the I would like to share with party box on your application forms, as this helps me to link you on the system.

Please ensure you select the I know who I wish to share with button too.

How Can I Arrange To Be In A Cottage Near My Friends Who Have Booked As A Separate Party ?

You can request to be near to another party by entering a unique code word that you have all agreed in the I Would Like to be Near Party Box on your form.

If the other party (parties) have already submitted their forms then enter their Reference number in the I Would Like to be Near Party Box on your form and contact us with the Primary Contact name and Reference Numbers of all parties concerned, together with a code word you have all agreed so that I can mark the bookings on the system.

We will do our best to place you as near together as possible. The earlier you do this the greater the likelihood.

Why Do I Have To Provide My Passport Number ?

In general, hotels (including CenterParcs) require guests to provide a passport to enable them to have guests' details ready for inspection by the local law enforcement if requested.

Any hotels - or, more generally "guest houses" - are required to do so by law. We require a passport number for each attendee in your party.

The only exception is as follows: If you are an EU national and you do not have a passport you can provide your EU ID card number.

Fans attending from the UK do not need to have 6 months expiry on their passports at the time of the Marillion Weekend 2019; it must of course be valid to cover your return to the UK. Fans from outside of the UK should check Passport entry requirements with their local Netherlands Consular Section office.

Given the large number of fans attending the weekend - many of whom will be arriving by the coach-load - queues at check-in would be very long indeed if we were to record all those details by hand on the spot.

By providing this information in advance you enable us to check you into your accommodation as quickly as possible. Please also be completely assured that we will NOT pass these details to anyone else other than CenterParcs. Please do NOT post your passport to us!

If you are applying for a new passport or need to renew your existing passport before 20th March 2019 then please send us your Name, new Passport number, the Primary Contact name of your party and your Booking Reference Number via the update booking form or Fax: +44 (0)1296 770 839 or secure post.

I Am Bringing My Children, Do I Have To Pay Full Price For All Of Them Even Though Some Of Them Won't Be Going To The Concerts ?

Yes. The price for children has been reduced from the adult price to offer a good value that reflects the ages of the children, as they will be able to use all of the CenterParcs facilities, which are very child oriented. All children (2-14) will have to pay whether they attend the live shows or not.

If you are planning to attend with children, please ensure that they will have school absence permission BEFORE you book as refunds cannot be made if they are subsequently denied permission after booking.

All children are allowed into the concert hall, but please bear in mind your child's ability to cope with the concert conditions. It is advisable to bring suitable hearing protection for your children.

We want all our fans to enjoy the Weekend but it would be unfair to other fans if their listening pleasure is disturbed by intrusive behaviour, overloud or crying children.

CenterParcs usually operate children’s activities over the weekend (some of which are at a small additional cost). Details of these will be available at the information desk in The Adventure Factory.

How Many Keys Will There Be For Each Cottage ?

Each cottage/apartment will have 2 keys available.

A 3rd key may be available from CenterParcs Reception for a refundable deposit of €25.

We are sorry that there will not be one key per person but CenterParcs do not have this facility.

Please ensure that you organise with your party how to access the accommodation between yourselves. A good solution would be to bring something like a passcode keysafe with you so that a key can be left securely at the cottage but only accessed by those in your party with the code e.g

If you do this please make sure that you all know the code BEFORE you arrive.

It should be noted that there were no security issues with regards to accommodation at any previous Marillion Weekend and most people sharing accommodation were able to organise themselves.

I Have Been Allocated Shared Accommodation But Will Not Be Arriving At The Same Time As The Other People In My Cottage, How Do I Check In ?

Check in as normal, your Welcome Pack will be under your name.

Whoever arrives first and second will receive the keys. You will be have been introduced to your house mates via email and it is vital that you make sure you know who will be arriving first and ensure that they are at the cottage to let you in once you have arrived and checked in.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have made arrangements so that all occupants can access the cottage after checking in.

PLEASE ensure that you have each other's mobile telephone numbers so that you can contact each other!!

Alternatively a good solution would be to bring something like a passcode keysafe with you so that a key can be left securely at the cottage but only accessed by those in your party with the code e.g

If you do this please make sure that you all know the code BEFORE you arrive.

Will There Be First Aid Available On Site ?

If you require medical attention you should contact Guest Services at the Gate House (24 hours) (any CenterParcs staff will contact them for you too).

They will ensure that a First Aider will see you or refer you to a doctor or hospital if necessary.

There will also be a First Aider on site in the concert area during the shows.

In case of emergency you should call the Emergency Services 112 or 0111-674999

You should ensure that you bring adequate supply of any medication you require and appropriate adaptors/transformers for any medical equipment you need to bring with you.

Can I Bring My Dog To CenterParcs ?

Yes you can bring your dog to stay in a cottage at CenterParcs if you have booked accommodation type in which pets are allowed.

Please contact us as soon as possible after you have booked so that you can be placed in a suitable cottage. Not all accommodation at CenterParcs is suitable for pets.

Please note we ask you not to bring dogs if you have opted to share a cottage, unless you have agreed with the people you are sharing with.

I Don't Have Internet Access, So How Can I Book ?

We know that there will be a few of you that do not have internet access - however, due to the popularity of this event, you will need some sort of access to avoid delays or disappointment.

The best thing to do is to visit a library, internet cafe, or a friend’s house - basically anywhere you CAN access the internet!

Can I Add Additional People To My Booking ?

You can add extra guests to your booking - subject to accommodation availability.

Please contact us with your Primary Contact booking name, booking reference number, the full details of the guest to be added to the booking: Name, Address, telephone, email, date of birth (DO NOT fill in and submit an additional form).

You can send their Passport number via the Booking Update form. We will then send you details of how to pay their deposit.

An admin fee of £20 will be charged for amendments to bookings.

Can Our Party Stay In The Same Cottage Number As In 2017 ?

Please contact us with your reference number and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

This cannot be guaranteed.

One Of The People In Our Party Backed Out At The Very Last Minute And We Are Missing A Person In Our Accommodation. Do We Need To Pay The Supplement Fee ?

Contact us as soon as possible to let us know and we will provide more information.

Some Of Our Party Will Be Arriving At Different Times To Each Other - How Do We Check In ?

You will need to arrange between yourselves that whoever arrives first will collect the Welcome Pack and keys from Check-in and that person will be available to meet you at the cottage to let you in.

How Can Friends / Family Contact Me Whilst I Am At The Marillion Weekend ?

If you do not have mobile phone service or signal at the Marillion Weekend they can contact CenterParcs reception and they will try to get a message to you +31 (0)111 674 000 for reception (24 hours)

Is There A Creche / Baby-sitting Service At CenterParcs ?

CenterParcs do not provide a creche/baby-sitting service.

Will We Be Able To Change Foreign Currency At the Reception Desk At CenterParcs ?

No. Please ensure to arrange for any cash to be in Euros before your arrival. There are currency exchange facilities at all airports and sea ports.

There is a cash machine on site for you to get extra cash in Euros.

There are safes (free of charge) in all accommodation for you to safely store your cash and valuables.

Is There A Cash Point (ATM) On Site, And Which Cards Does it Accept ?

There will be an ATM machine on site and it accepts all major credit and debit cards excluding American Express and Diners Club. You may be charged a fee per transaction that is determined by your bank. It is refilled daily.

Do CenterParcs Have Electrical Travel Adaptors ?

Unfortunately CenterParcs do not have electrical travel adaptors/transformers either at Reception or in their shops.