Support Bands

Friday Night - Jennifer Rothery And Riccardo Romano

Jennifer Rothery will play a selection of material from her ’Sylf’ EP accompanied by Riccardo.

This will be followed by a selection of tracks from his outstanding album B612, a rock opera inspired by the book “The Little Prince“ by Antoine De Saint-Exupéry which features guest performances by Steve Hogarth, Steve Rothery and some beautiful vocal performances by Jennifer.

Saturday Night - Tiago Barbosa

Tiago Barbosa was born in Lisbon some 43 years ago, and has been commited to music for 25 of those years.

His main instrument is his voice, but he also plays keyboards. At age 16 he formed the band Forgotten Suns only to leave 16 years later after writing and recording two records. He then wrote and recorded with Casual Attraction and Cambraia while patiently writing his first solo record which he is currently putting the finishing touches to.

Tiago is a very ecletic musician and his influences range from classical to jazz, pop, rock and traditional Portugese music.

Tiago has always loved Marillion and to play his music in a house full of Marillion fans would become an instant highlight of his solo career.

Sunday Night - An Audience With Marillion

Instead of a traditional support act, Marillion will be taking to the stage to have fun and interact with the audience.

All will be revealed on the night!