Support Bands

Friday Night - Gleb Kolyadin (With Full Band)

Gleb Kolyadin graduated from St. Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory.

The pianist, performing academic and original music, is a co-founder and composer of the duo iamthemorning, winning Progressive Music Awards 2016 for the album of the year.

The pianist tours Russia and Europe with various bands, composes music for theater plays, including those at Alexandrinsky Theatre and Akimov Comedy Theatre in Russia, as well as the projection show Asi Es Michoacan (Mexico, 2015).

Gleb Kolyadin's self-titled debut solo album, released this year on Kscope, received rave reviews from the European music press.

The record features a staggering who's-who of performers, including: Gavin Harrison (King Crimson / Porcupine Tree) on drums; Nick Beggs (Steven Wilson) on bass; Theo Travis (Robert Fripp / Porcupine Tree / Steven Wilson) on flute and saxophone; the unmistakable voice and lyrics of Steve Hogarth (Marillion) alongside Mick Moss (Antimatter); and Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) on additional keys.

Saturday Night - Gazpacho

Known for their distinctive art rock that balances tense and beautiful arrangements, sinister and soulful melodic lines, Gazpacho's Soyuz furthers their experimental output.

A band who are used to seizing headlines with bizarre stories, including The Independent (UK) branding Molok as "An album that could destroy the world", Gazpacho have a holistic approach to the album writing process, imbuing each with a captivating concept.

The themes of Soyuz were born from the idea of how beautiful moments pass and cannot be "saved for later", so within Soyuz are interconnected tales of people and lives "frozen in time". Taking inspiration from a multitude of eras and subject matters, including the doomed Russian space capsule Soyuz and its iconic captain Komarov; the Tibetan Buddhist funeral practice in "Sky Burial"; the inclusion of the oldest recording of the human voice from 1860 and the Hans Christian Andersen inspired "Emperor Bespoke".

Sunday Night - An Audience With Marillion

Instead of a traditional support act, Marillion will be taking to the stage to have fun and interact with the audience.

All will be revealed on the night!