Sunday Night Is Album Night

All previous Marillion Weekends have featured a complete performance of a Marillion album - and 2017 will be no exception!

Sunday night will feature a performance in full of the album.

Friday And Saturday Nights

Are surprise nights! As in previous conventions the setlist will be revealed on the night and is sure to delight...

Saturday & Sunday Night 'Rockaoke'

On Saturday and Sunday night after the Marillion shows have finished - head over to the Adventure Factory where Rockaoke will be performing each night.

They were a huge success last Weekend, so get up and join the fun! ROCKAOKE are the UK’s original and best live karaoke band, inviting their audience to “live the dream” on the BIG stage and singing with an awesome live rock band.

The band have performed with around 40,000 lead singers at UK clubs, Universities and major festivals like Download, Leeds and Reading.

They have worked on “weekenders” with artists as diverse as Madness and the Foo Fighters. Tours and festivals with Chris Moyles and Chris Evans have introduced the ROCKAOKE concept to over 18,000,000 BBC radio listeners.

These guys seriously ROCK!


Signing Sessions

As the signing and photos sessions at the previous Weekends were such a great success we have decided to run the competitions again for 2017.

Prior to 2009 we had long signing sessions which involved lots of queuing for you and repetitive strain injury for the band!

Consequently the band said they wanted to be able to give their very best for the performances in the evening but at the same time not sacrifice the chance to meet with 'The Family' so we changed things a little to ensure that happens.

In previous signing sessions part of what made the process take so long is having items signed AND your photo taken with the band. We realised that some of you only wanted one of these options too. We are also aware that many of you have had the opportunity to have items signed or photos taken on previous occasions and would probably like to give those who haven't a fairer chance of being able to this time.

Therefore we will be running draws to win a place in a more personal signing session or to have your photo taken with the band by a professional photographer.

To be eligible to win a place (for your entire party if there are more than one of you in your booking) you need to send an email with either the word PHOTO or SIGNING in the SUBJECT and your Primary Booking Contact Name and Booking Ref No, email address, no of people in your party and country in the TEXT body to

Please send your entry from 1 September 2016.

Closing date 1 February 2017. All winners will be notified by email by 17 February 2017

Nominated Charities

Marillion will be supporting two charities this year, The Aara Foundation and The Hope Flowers School.

The Aara Foundation.

Providing education for the kids at the Bawana slums in Delhi. They get daily school classes, lunch boxes and regular new school uniforms. Supporting gender equality by giving workshops, participating in girls projects and giving information in empowerment, equality and values. Materials are needed so women can support themselves and start their own small business. Aara foundation helps to support these women. For example: buying a sewing machine for a young lady so she can work from home.

For more information go to (in dutch) or

The Hope Flowers School.

The School teaches non-violence, citizenship, social and community skills to children aged 5-14. It works with trauma-recovery and special needs education in Bethlehem. Founded in 1984, now arguably a world leader in its field, Hope Flowers' accumulated experience helps de-escalate violence, polarisation and extremism. The school promotes quality education, self-improvement, inter-communal and intercultural understanding. Hope Flowers Center works with women, young people, families and professionals, empowering the disadvantaged and those impacted by conflict. It helps people rebuild their lives, take initiatives, spread their wings and play a constructive role in improving their communities.

For further information go to:

Members of the Web Fanclubs will be doing their best to part you from your spare Euros to take part in the charity raffle.

Each raffle ticket will cost 1 Euro and will give you the chance to win some fantastic Marillion prizes which will be listed in the Welcome Brochure.

The Concert Venue

As there is no on-site stage/venue large enough for the concerts, we will be erecting a purpose-built concert arena next to the CenterParcs village as in previous Weekends here.

It will only be a few minutes walk from your cottage and is heated.

Bar refreshments will be available.

Wheelchair Users and Disabled Guests

There will be a clearly marked special viewing area. This will have strict access only by special wristband. Access to this area will be limited to those with genuine need plus ONE additional guest as a carer only.

Priority will be given to wheelchair users. You must contact us before 28 January 2017 to be registered for a special access wristband for this area and with any details of what we can do to help you.

We will require full details of your disability and any necessary certificates or proof of need.

Special cases may be made for circumstances that arise after this date, but you must contact us immediately should your situation change.

Please note that this area is strictly for wheelchairs and the registered disabled (plus one carer) not for those who just have a bad back or aching body part!

Concert Seating

If you wish to have a seat in the unreserved seating area towards the rear of the concert hall then this will cost £30 per person for a seat on all 3 nights.

Wristbands to allow access for this seating will only be available to buy from a dedicated desk in the Merch Shop on Friday at 11 am.

It is expected these will sell out very quickly.

The Racket Records Merchandise Shop

We will be bringing the majority of our online catalogue PLUS the usual range of new merchandise to debut at the Weekend.

Merchandise from Support Bands will also be available through the shop if they choose to provide it.

We expect to have credit/debit card facilities available. Payment in cash will be in Euros and card payments will be taken in Euros too.

Opening hours and location will be printed in your Brochure which will be in your Welcome envelope that you collect at Check-in.

Support Bands

Click Here For Details

Full Weekend Schedule

Click Here For Details

Other Activities

The ever popular Marillion Quiz will take place on Saturday Afternoon.

The winning team will receive their trophy from the band on stage on the Sunday afternoon!!

There will be a prize draw to have your photo taken on stage with the band!!!

There will also be a Question and Answer session where selected questions from you will be answered on stage by the band.

Full details of all activities and a schedule will be in the Welcome Brochure provided on arrival.

Charity Run

There will be a charity run in aid of Cancer Research UK on Friday 24th.

Meet outside the Adventure Factory at 10am.

Each lap of the run is about 5km in length. The plan is to complete 4 laps.

However you are welcome to run as many laps as you feel comfortable with.

The course goes outside of PZ and around the island then back into Center Parcs.

More details here

The Band

The band will be on site and available most of the weekend to mingle and sign impromptu autographs (although we ask for you to respect their privacy when dining)

Photography And Video

You are welcome to bring your camera phone into the venue, but please try not to hold your phone up all night taking photos - live the moment and enjoy the music !

We would rather you didn't film any of the show and would especially ask that you don't upload clips to YouTube.

Video cameras will not be allowed into the venue.


In accordance with Dutch Law there will be NO smoking allowed inside all public areas of CenterParcs.